Islamic Religious and Cultural Center in Ljubljana / Bevk Perović arhitekti

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© Nico Saieh · El Boldo House / SUN Arquitectos
© David Schreyer · Islamic Religious and Cultural Center in Ljubljana / Bevk Perović arhitekti

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© Adrià Goula · House 1510 / Nordest Arquitectura

So many architects can't be wrong. Among all sites on the internet, Google comes in at #1 - ArchDaily is ranked #1 in the architecture industry. By far.

© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG · MAA House / Jacobsen Arquitetura

Architects are proud to share their projects and product specifications with peers in the industry. ArchDaily showcases 50,000 carefully selected and curated architecture projects.

© Edmund Sumner | FG+SG · Naila House / BAA

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© ONI studio · Apartments in Wolf Clearing / studio de.materia

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© ONI studio · Apartments in Wolf Clearing / studio de.materia
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Sonny Bloom

Armstrong World Industries

"The services provided have exceeded our expectations"

© Tim Hursley · Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame / Trahan Architects

Harry Harisberger


"It really helps manufacturers to grow, and to access customers and building data that we wouldn't be able to do ourselves with a limited budget"

© Fiber Cement Panel - Swisspearl Largo | Swisspearl Largo Fiber Cement Panels

Arnulf Penker

FunderMax GmbH

"Digital media and outlets are becoming more and more important. We do trade shows, but digital media is - I think - the way of communication of the future, especially in our industry with architects"

© Alexandra Timpau | Villa Bresson / monom

Pjotr Van Schothorst


"I interview a lot of architects and we always ask them: "what are you reading?" I mean, we see the magazines here, "do you actually read them? The print magazines?" But they say " no, no we don't really read that much anymore, we do read ArchDaily"

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Eve Johnson

"ArchDaily gives us a platform to be able to deliver key case studies, projects and inspiration to architects all over the world"

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Fast Company

"Entrepreneurs redesigning the architecture industry."

© Casa Asa / Bernardes Arquitetura. Image © Fernando Guerra FG+SG